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Eye Witness: Rise of the Apostle
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Endorsements from Book 3 -
"Eye Witness: Rise of the Apostle"

"Rise of the Apostle features a contemporary tale full of suspenseful action and cliff hangers. But Luedke has figured out a way to weave New Testament stories through his epic, as well. Think about a marriage of Indiana Jones and Eugene Peterson's dramatically rewritten, "The Message New Testament Bible".  Fresh, fun, faithful and frantically pulse- pounding".

David Crumm
"Luedke's Eye Witness series is well drawn, well plotted and colorful."
Marvin Olasky
World Magazine
"Eye Witness achieves nerve tingling suspense through a potent blend of high-tech espionage, vivid characters, humor, Biblical research and seize you by the throat action."
Michael Brewer
Pastor/Author: Lessons From The Carpenter

"Very well rendered (like Carl Barks art) and excellent color reproduction.  Nicely done!"

Graphic Novel Judge
2009 Ben Franklin Awards

"The artistic quality, (of Rise of the Apostle), is excellent, along with a tight and convincing storyline that bounces from modern times back to the biblical book of Acts."

Dillon Burroughs
Author: What Can be Found in Lost?
"Eye Witness: Rise of the Apostle is a striking, full-color graphic novel that presents the Biblical Book of Acts in a terms readers of all ages can readily absorb. A singularly absorbing presentation, it carries the highest recommendation especially for church libraries."
James A. Cox
Editor-in-Chief / Midwest Book Review
"In Rise of the Apostle, Paul’s life has never seemed so exciting. Like any good hero, his transformation is both inward and outward, and you'll find yourself wanting more of the rugged apostle’s tales. It’s Biblically accurate, encouraging, pretty to look at, and in places, even humorous. Fit for Bible scholars and comic book readers, Luedke’s work is obviously a labor of love."
Kim Bather
"Robert Luedke is a colorful and thought-provoking writer.  Both believers and non-believers alike will enjoy Rise of the Apostle.  No doubt, the action and graphics will draw the attention of some, but the stories will grip them and make them think."
Suzanne Carista
Editor / Christianhollywood.com

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