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Eye Witness: Unknown God
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Endorsements from Book 4 -
"Eye Witness: Unknown God"

"Eye Witness: Unknown God presents the essence of the story of the Apostle Paul's life in a way that is dramatic but maintains Biblical fidelity. Secondly, it presents truth in a way that will have broad appeal, especially to those who enjoy the graphic novel format. And third, it's just a great story! Well written and beautifully illustrated, Unknown God is a standout work in the field of graphic novels."

Cecil Van Houten
Family Life Radio Network


"A masterful graphic version of THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD interwoven with a suspenseful modern tale smack out of today's headlines.  Robert Luedke hits it out of the park."

Gary Friedrich
Creator of The Ghost Rider


"This isn't your grandmother's Americanized blue-eyed and blond-haired Jesus...this is the way it REALLY was! This book has the most vivid and well-done art of the series. I really do think that people who might shy away from a straight Bible story comic book would get into this."

Eric Shirey
Editor / TheSpectralRealm.com


"Part action/adventure, part religious history, Unknown God continues to document Robert James Luedke as a master story-teller. This truly outstanding, deftly written, wonderfully illustrated, thoroughly 'reader friendly' and exceptionally entertaining four volume series is ideal for personal gift giving and community library graphic novel collections."

James A. Cox
Editor / Midwest Book Review


"Beyond the moving adaptation of the sacred story, Luedke also gives us a thrilling modern day adventure to serve as counterpoint and entrée to the gospel material. The story of Dr. Terry Harper unfolds like a contemporary action adventure film, worthy of Steven Spielberg or John Woo. And the two worlds of the Eyewitness narrative combine to make this a terrific new way of seeing the greatest story ever told. In fact, I hope Hollywood is paying attention, since these books would make a great film!"

Brian Augustyn
Editor-Writer / DC & Marvel Comics

"Luedke's really pulled this off with skill and class. The modern-day narrative really holds this together and the finale is so powerful! Better and better art as the story progressed! Some of those full-page illustrations blew my socks off!"

Michael Brewer / Pastor-Author


"Eye Witness: Unknown God, is a major artistic and revelatory tour de force from author/artist Robert James Luedke. The coming to faith of Bone Man, Terry Harper, through a series of visions and near death experiences is compelling, thrilling, and thoughtful. Christians around the world used to seeing the world of Paul and Luke in a cold, sterile environment will find new meaning and resonate with this gripping narrative."

Tim Lasiuta
Author: The Misadventures of Roving Cartoonist
& Editor: Moonstone Books


"Robert Luedke, ranks as the king of independent Christian comics in our view. It’s true that these days various commercial publishers have jumped on the bandwagon with comic books, graphic novels and manga aimed at religious readers, but what Luedke has achieved, though, is a dramatic storyline that combines Indiana Jones, gripping New Testament stories, time travel, espionage and dramatic scenes that rank among the best in American comic artistry. Be careful not to rip the pages as you keep flipping to learn what happens next!"

David Crumm
Veteran Journalist
& Editor: ReadtheSpirit.com

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