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Robert Luedke is Interviewed on Family Life Radio Network

(Oct. 2010) Author and illustrator Bob Luedke talks about the final book in the graphic novel series, Eye Witness, “The Unknown God.” Click here to listen to the interview.


Eye Witness Receives Some Powerful Endorsements

The Eye Witness tetralogy is continuing to receive some very flattering endorsements and praise from both the media and people within the Christian community.

“Eye Witness: A Fictional Tale of Absolute Truth, is by far one of the best told graphic novel versions of the life of Jesus I have ever seen. The art is dynamic and engaging. It feels like a modern comic with art that is comparable to most professional level comic art on the shelves today.”

Joel A. Moroney
Pop Culture Christ (Australia)

“I do not believe I have ever seen anything like it. This is a great way to present the Gospel.”

Paige Patterson/President
Southwest Seminary

“The pacing and dialogue are pro-class.”

Jeffrey Weiss
Dallas Morning News

“I was given more information in these pages than in many Bible handbooks and Study Bibles I have read. This does more to present the Gospel message in an interesting way, than anything in a long time.”

Brian Palmer
InFuse Magazine

“Very compelling and thought provoking. The artwork is incredible. I could tell a ton of work and prayer went into it development.”

Mike Johnson/Youth Pastor
Fellowship Church / Grapevine, TX

“I have just finished reading Eye Witness and this fledgling seminary student is again made aware of how little he knows! Thank you for an entertaining and powerful story.”

Jim Guida/Director of Youth Ministries
Bethany Presbyterian Church

“Christian graphic novels will appeal to teens because of the style of presentation. It’s an anima style that the kids like. I think it’s good to get the message out in a way that kids will read it. More young people would pick up this, than a Bible!”

Dr. Jim Wicker/Professor of New Testament Studies
Southwest Seminary

“The story line is thought provoking and the artwork is top of the line.”

Gene Shelburne
Plainsfaith Magazine

“It’s very creative in getting the message of the Gospels across”

Todd Robison/Owner
SonRise Christian Bookstore

“I loved the book! I think the way you’ve framed the story is so clever. It moves well and remains faithful to Scripture. I’m not an expert in archaeology, but I can tell you’ve done your homework.”

Mike Brewer
Pastor -Crescent Presbyterian Church
Author – “Who Needs a Superhero?”

“This book should appeal to comic-book fans, especially fans of the darker serials, such as The Dark Knight Returns-Batman series.”

Rob Allwright
Soteria Magazine/UK

“ I’m impressed by Eye Witness and the work you’re doing”

David Crumm
Detroit Free Press

“Luedke has used the graphic novel in a new and exciting way. He really makes the Bible come alive.”

Jim Barnes
Managing Editor/ Independent Publisher Magazine

“Robert James Luedke is the antidote to Dan Brown, James Cameron and whatever other flavor-of -the-month, conspiracy laden project is out there.”

Joe Hilliard

“I really like the good, rich and very animated art style that Luedke brings to this graphic novel.”

Blake Peitit

“This is a beautiful way to illustrate the love of Christ for each of us. I highly recommend this book to parents that want their children to discover the true meaning of the resurrection.”

Debra Gaynor
Readers Views

“Luedke is one of the leading lights in evangelical comic circles.”

“There is something here for everyone. This is not a book trying to convert you, but trying to entertain you!”

David LeBlanc
The Comics Reviewer

“The language of the apostles, the Jews and the Romans in ancient Jerusalem is presented in a contemporary American vernacular. The story of the apostles (especially the conversion of Paul) is told with lively interest. The modern day plot of attempted assassination is equally of interest with its twists, turns, and unexpected developments. ‘Eye Witness: Acts Of The Spirit’, is a unique, entertaining, imaginative, and very highly recommended graphic novel for readers of all ages.”

Michael J. Carson
Midwest Book Review

‘Acts of the Spirit’, deftly combines 1st century tales of Jesus’ resurrection and the beginning of His Church with a taut modern-day thriller involving archaeological discoveries, kidnappings, and car bombs. Each page layout jumps out at the reader with creative bleeds, color contrasts, muscular heroes, creepy angels, and menacing use of shadows. This book matches up to anything out there today.”

Heather Hunt
Infuse Magazine

“There is excitement and adventure as well as biblical truths in ‘Acts of the Spirit’. Unlike some Christian items that have been produced in the past that don’t live up to their secular counterparts, the color and artistic style of this novel are excellent with some fantastic detail for comic collectors. The writing is not afraid to be daring or confrontational and the story in the 21st Century adds interest and intrigue.”

Rob Allright
Soteria Magazine

‘Acts of The Spirit’ is a cool, contemporary, culturally relevant graphic novel telling of the ministry of Jesus and his first disciples….NO Christian comic fan should be without it!

As a long time Christian and comic fan, I have been waiting for a contemporary Gospel adaptation of the book of Acts. ‘Acts of the Spirit’ is it. Other companies have tried to present the message and managed to drown it out with cultural clichés. Not so with Head Press. Bang on. Top shelf. Home run. Slam-dunk. This is the real thing!”

Tim Lasiuta
Comic Buyers Guide/

“I want to congratulate you on the fantastic job you did on ‘Eye Witness’ This was an unexpected treat and a very welcome addition to my library. Thank you so much for sharing it with me. I have just started to read the books, and must compliment you on the clarity and ease to which you describe these stories. Your character drawing is so animated and powerful in ‘Eye Witness’, it’s a pleasure to study every panel. Great stuff all the way through!

You know I often tell my students as I look at their work, that you can tell if the artist enjoyed doing the work. I mean to say that there is a spirit and energy in the drawings that demonstrate how the artist felt as he worked. You clearly enjoyed doing this project, every ink stroke demonstrates confidence and energy, I am very impressed.”

David Bluestein
Art Professor/ Seneca College, Toronto, Canada
President/Comic Book Masters (Cartooning School)

“I spend a major chunk of every week thinking of fresh ways to talk about Jesus on Sunday morning. It’s not easy. How do we tell the old, old story without turning it into the stale story, the irrelevant story, or—worst of all—the boring story? I’ve been at it for thirty years and I’m pretty good at making the good news fresh and appealing. At least I thought so until Robert Luedke came along. Now I suddenly feel like a rookie.

This author/artist has figured out that the comic book—uh, I mean the graphic storytelling art form—is perfect for reaching the MTV/DVD/DSL generation. Take it from a serious lifelong comic book reader who also has a number of theological letters after his name, ‘Acts of the Spirit’ will connect with your youth group, your Sunday School classes, even with kids who don’t know the old story and wouldn’t be caught dead reading the Bible. Buy two copies for every youth in your church, one for them to keep and one to pass along to an unchurched friend.

This fresh and faithful take on the Bible, features a high-intrigue framing story, excellent research, vibrant faith and, yes, the pictures. Robert Luedke has lovingly translated the story of the early church into a visual format that resonates with contemporary culture.

After you’ve devoured this book, you’ll want to search out the first volume in the Eye Witness Trilogy. As for me, I’m waiting for number three. It can’t come soon enough to suit me.”

H. Michael Brewer
Pastor/ Cresant Springs Presbyterian Church
Author/ Who Needs a Superhero? and Lessons from the Carpenter

“Rise of the Apostle features a contemporary tale full of suspenseful action and cliff hangers. But Luedke has figured out a way to weave New Testament stories through his epic, as well. Think about a marriage of Indiana Jones and Eugene Peterson’s dramatically rewritten, “The Message New Testament Bible”. Fresh, fun, faithful and frantically pulse- pounding”.

David Crumm

“Luedke’s Eye Witness series is well drawn, well plotted and colorful.”

Marvin Olasky
World Magazine

“Eye Witness achieves nerve tingling suspense through a potent blend of high-tech espionage, vivid characters, humor, Biblical research and seize you by the throat action.”

Michael Brewer
Pastor/Author: Lessons From The Carpenter

“Very well rendered (like Carl Barks art) and excellent color reproduction. Nicely done!”

Graphic Novel Judge
2009 Ben Franklin Awards

“The artistic quality, (of Rise of the Apostle), is excellent, along with a tight and convincing storyline that bounces from modern times back to the biblical book of Acts.”

Dillon Burroughs
Author: What Can be Found in Lost?

“Eye Witness: Rise of the Apostle is a striking, full-color graphic novel that presents the Biblical Book of Acts in a terms readers of all ages can readily absorb. A singularly absorbing presentation, it carries the highest recommendation especially for church libraries.”

James A. Cox
Editor-in-Chief / Midwest Book Review

“In Rise of the Apostle, Paul’s life has never seemed so exciting. Like any good hero, his transformation is both inward and outward, and you’ll find yourself wanting more of the rugged apostle’s tales. It’s Biblically accurate, encouraging, pretty to look at, and in places, even humorous. Fit for Bible scholars and comic book readers, Luedke’s work is obviously a labor of love.”

Kim Bather

“Robert Luedke is a colorful and thought-provoking writer. Both believers and non-believers alike will enjoy Rise of the Apostle. No doubt, the action and graphics will draw the attention of some, but the stories will grip them and make them think.”

Suzanne Carista
Editor /

“Eye Witness: Unknown God presents the essence of the story of the Apostle Paul’s life in a way that is dramatic but maintains Biblical fidelity. Secondly, it presents truth in a way that will have broad appeal, especially to those who enjoy the graphic novel format. And third, it’s just a great story! Well written and beautifully illustrated, Unknown God is a standout work in the field of graphic novels.”

Cecil Van Houten
Family Life Radio Network

“A masterful graphic version of THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD interwoven with a suspenseful modern tale smack out of today’s headlines. Robert Luedke hits it out of the park.”

Gary Friedrich
Creator of The Ghost Rider

“This isn’t your grandmother’s Americanized blue-eyed and blond-haired Jesus…this is the way it REALLY was! This book has the most vivid and well-done art of the series. I really do think that people who might shy away from a straight Bible story comic book would get into this.”

Eric Shirey
Editor /

“Part action/adventure, part religious history, Unknown God continues to document Robert James Luedke as a master story-teller. This truly outstanding, deftly written, wonderfully illustrated, thoroughly ‘reader friendly’ and exceptionally entertaining four volume series is ideal for personal gift giving and community library graphic novel collections.”

James A. Cox
Editor / Midwest Book Review

“Beyond the moving adaptation of the sacred story, Luedke also gives us a thrilling modern day adventure to serve as counterpoint and entrée to the gospel material. The story of Dr. Terry Harper unfolds like a contemporary action adventure film, worthy of Steven Spielberg or John Woo. And the two worlds of the Eyewitness narrative combine to make this a terrific new way of seeing the greatest story ever told. In fact, I hope Hollywood is paying attention, since these books would make a great film!”

Brian Augustyn
Editor-Writer / DC & Marvel Comics

“Luedke’s really pulled this off with skill and class. The modern-day narrative really holds this together and the finale is so powerful! Better and better art as the story progressed! Some of those full-page illustrations blew my socks off!”

Michael Brewer / Pastor-Author

“Eye Witness: Unknown God, is a major artistic and revelatory tour de force from author/artist Robert James Luedke. The coming to faith of Bone Man, Terry Harper, through a series of visions and near death experiences is compelling, thrilling, and thoughtful. Christians around the world used to seeing the world of Paul and Luke in a cold, sterile environment will find new meaning and resonate with this gripping narrative.”

Tim Lasiuta
Author: The Misadventures of Roving Cartoonist
& Editor: Moonstone Books

“Robert Luedke, ranks as the king of independent Christian comics in our view. It’s true that these days various commercial publishers have jumped on the bandwagon with comic books, graphic novels and manga aimed at religious readers, but what Luedke has achieved, though, is a dramatic storyline that combines Indiana Jones, gripping New Testament stories, time travel, espionage and dramatic scenes that rank among the best in American comic artistry. Be careful not to rip the pages as you keep flipping to learn what happens next!”

David Crumm
Veteran Journalist
& Editor:



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